How to Take Care of a Candle

How to Take Care of a Candle

Are you burning your candles properly? The answer to this question is critical to prolong the burn time of your Viviana Luxury Candle, plus ensure safety and its beauty.

So how do you take care of your candles? Like your muscles have muscle memory, candles have candle memory and will always burn the same as it did during the first burn. That's even more the case with natural, handmade candles like ours which are made with sustainable ingredients, including 100% U.S. natural soy wax. This wax burns cleaner than others. But it is notoriously temperamental, reacting to its surroundings like room temperature and drafts.


To keep your candles burning brightly, beautifully, and follow these 3 easy tips.

3 Easy Tips to Care & Extend Your Candles

      1. Trim the candle's wick with a candle wick trimmer like this one.

      2. The first time you burn your candle, you have to light it for 3-4 hours, or until the top surface has fully melted.

      3. When you extinguish your candle, set it aside to cool in an area of your home without drafts. Let the melted wax top layer harden.

Following these tips will help you avoid candle tunneling. That's when the wax melts and pools in the same area, creating a tunnel. These pointers will also prolong the life of your beautiful candle made with amor.

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